Energy Healing for Business

Yes, it is possible to improve your business with energy healing. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly.

I feel that where people often don’t see immediate positive results is in sending the healing energy directly to their business or to their finances. Okay I’ll admit it, I tried this myself on more than one occasion with less than great results.

How to Send Your Business Energy Healing

Where I have seen very substantial results for myself and others is in using the energy to heal our own unconscious fears and traumas. Or as I like to call them, our own Fears, Traumas and Dramas.

A common problem for many entrepreneurs, or would-be entrepreneurs, is the feeling of being stuck or unable to move forward to take the necessary actions that would then bring about the clients or opportunities that could result in an increase in finances.

By working with these stuck energies (Fears, Traumas and Dramas), we can then allow ourselves to easily move forward towards our desired outcomes.

Pitfalls or Opportunities

In business, and in life, we’re constantly faced with potential pitfalls and opportunities. By making a move in one direction it could mean saving a significant amount of money. Or that same move could end up costing you a significant loss of income. Whether it’s business or life we must learn to weigh the potential of the opportunity and consequences of our decisions.

This was the situation when I started working with Dr. V. When Dr. V first contacted me he told me about how he was facing a very challenging dilemma in his life. He felt like he was approaching the end of his career and that he was being pulled in too many directions. He wasn’t sure how to proceed and felt like too many people were pulling at him to force him to make decisions that he didn’t want to make.

What was surprising to me was that as I listened to him I could feel energy similar to someone that was facing being fired from a job. Yet the various situations that he was describing each seemed like amazing opportunities to me. But I knew that it was his perspectives that mattered, not my own. So we proceeded to work with the underlying energies of the situations.

Release the Past, Open the Present

One of my favorite phrases is, “Release your past to open your present.” And this is how I work with energy. We look for the underlying energy of what troubles you now, and then allow that energy to bring up experiences from your past that may be keeping you from moving forward in your life.

As Dr. V began to get in touch with the energy of the situation, a childhood memory began to surface. It was a painful occurrence involving a birthday party and his mother scolding him in front of family members and other children.

On the surface, this forgotten memory seemed to have no relevance to his current career situation. He was surprised that this memory surfaced, let alone that it would have any impact on the situation. Never the less, we worked together on clearing the energy from this painful memory. He was surprised at how much intensity of emotion this memory still carried, although it has now been decades since the event took place.

When we were done with healing the energy of this past event he could readily feel that the painful feelings had virtually disappeared and he could now look back at the birthday party memory with almost neutral feelings.

I then asked him how he felt about the career situation. Although I shouldn’t be surprised any longer at how seemingly unrelated events can have such a strong impact on each other, I was still surprised by his response. Suddenly he felt like he had options.

He told me how he would speak to each of the parties involved and let them know his priorities. He casually explained how he must take into account is own desires and long-term goals, as well as the people that he was working with.

In our follow up session Dr. V explained how prior to our first session that he never felt able to express his feelings when it came to business commitments. But now he was able to see that the problems that plagued him previously really were in fact very positive opportunities, if he continued to view them as such. I’m happy to say that he is now in a very good position and has worked with each of the opportunities to create an amazing outcome for himself.

So what would happen to your business if you were to release old energies that are holding you back? What could you accomplish if you were not carrying the burden of old fears, traumas and dramas?

It absolutely is possible to improve your business with energy healing. And I invite you to look at where you have been feeling stuck or unable to move forward in your business, and then find the underlying energies that are holding you in place.

Be willing to release these old hurts and you may just be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities that this opens up for you.

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Living in Gratitude

Living in gratitude can often lead to some very nice unexpected surprises. I often talk about “minor miracles”. When I think about Miracles, I think about big events that fall into place. Or things happening spontaneously that have no logical way of happening.

Minor Miracles

But minor miracles are nice spontaneous occurrences that are more like “improbable” than “impossible”. And what can be very fun and interesting is when you begin to set up your life in a way that invites these minor miracles to occur on a frequent basis.

Recently my wife was on her way to the grocery store to cook a special dinner for us. We were celebrating our Valentine’s Day dinner (a romantic holiday in the US) so it was supposed to be a happy occasion. But here’s the interesting backstory…

Stress and Anxiety vs Gratitude

She was feeling very stressed out about waiting until the last minute to go to the grocery store. We had both been very sick over the past week and we were just starting to feel better but decided to stay in day before the holiday. On the morning of our dinner she felt rushed and anxious about getting to the store, dealing with the rush of people, getting dinner ready, etc.

Before leaving, I suggested that she sit down and just take a breath. I suggested that she focus on the gratitude and appreciation of having the opportunity of being able to prepare a romantic dinner for the two of us and her appreciation for being in a loving relationship. I suggested that she let go of the feelings of, “I have to” and replace them with feelings of, “Having the opportunity to do this with love.”

Currently the local grocery store is having a promotion. They are giving away game cards with each purchase. They normally give away one or two cards with each purchase.

A Real Instant Winner

As she approached the cashier, the woman in front of her didn’t want her game pieces and gave them to my wife. Then SEVERAL other people started spontaneously handing her their game cards, even coming over from the next AISLE to give them to her! 🙂

My wife walked out of the store with over 100 game cards and a huge feeling of being blessed and loved. And this is the heart of story (pardon the pun). By allowing herself to DO the task with love, she then allowed herself to BE Loved.

The pouring in of game cards was really an outer manifestation of the inner energy of living in gratitude.

How to Live in Gratitude

The key to learning to live in gratitude is to first be willing to let go of the energies that keep us from feeling and experiencing gratitude.

For some of us it can be the stress of having to prepare a meal and deal with people at the grocery store. For others it may be focusing on all that they DON’T have in life.

I find as we let go of the energies that do not serve us, we allow room for minor miracles to manifest in our daily life.

I’m not really sure if we can truly expect Minor Miracles every time that we walk out the front door just because we have a change of attitude, but I also wonder what Gifts the Universe is wanting to give us when we’re willing to engage our everyday life with actions of gratitude.


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Causes of Headaches

I’ve found that the underlying energy causes of headaches are often related to some kind of internal or opposing feelings. So while an aspirin may work in the moment, another way to relieve frequent headaches is to look for what’s been bothering you that’s hiding underneath the surface.

What seems to be puzzling for many of the people that I work with is how seemingly unrelated experiences from their past can actually manifest as frequent headaches.  And I’ll even admit that sometimes I’m baffled by the path we’re about to take when I’m involved in helping to uncover these energies.

What Triggers a Headache?

Recently I was helping a woman that told me she was having frequent headaches.  I asked her when did she notice that the pain or discomfort would start.  She replied that she noticed that the discomfort would start in the late afternoon and progress in pain during the early evening.

I then asked her if there were any specific circumstances or events that would trigger the onset of the headaches.  She replied that she realized that they became triggered by her planning on tasks that she had to get done, or when she would be planning for an upcoming event.  She said that she never wanted to let anyone down and that she was the one that everyone could count on.

Identifying Underlying Issues of Headaches

So now we knew that in her case the headaches were most likely related to either her own expectations of herself, or the pressures that she may be placing on herself to accomplish.

But as I mentioned above, I’ve found headaches are usually the result of Opposing internal forces.  So in order to release the underlying energies we first had to identify what were the forces that were in opposition in her view.

I had her close her eyes and find other areas in her life or from her past where she was afraid to let anyone down.  Where was the area of her life that stood out for her when she HAD to be the one that everyone could count on?

Within moments the answer came to her.  She vividly recalled the memory of her divorce.  The circumstances of the situation were painful for her to recall, and thus had become buried in her subconscious.

When to Persevere, When to Give Up

During her marriage, the couple found that life-circumstances dictated that they live apart from one another for a short period of time.  During this time her husband had been unfaithful, and as a result she chose to file for divorce.

Within a few months of the divorce she discovered that her former husband had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She felt deep remorse and guilt for having left him during his time of need and never forgave herself for allowing him to die alone.  She felt that she should have been with him by his side, “until death do us part.”

Within a few years she found love again and was remarried.  She later realized that it was a romance that ended too quickly and turned in to a nightmarish abusive relationship.  Fortunately, she divorced this second husband but not before he had put her and her children through much anguish.

Releasing Energy of the Past

From her own past healing and therapy work she had already come to realize that she had allowed the abuse to exist in her second marriage as her way of not wanting to give up on her first husband.  But by not having released the hurt energy, she continued to carry the hurt into her second marriage.

Although she was now out of both of these marriages, the hurt energy from the past was now manifesting itself when ever she found the need to persevere or commit to projects she was involved with.  And this was happening even when the projects had no logical ties to her past relationships.

As we worked through the hurts from the past she found that with each release she began to feel more free from the binds of her past.  Tears came up.  Old fears came up.  And the energy was released.

At the end of the session I asked her to recall the feelings of the headache pain from the previous evening.  She said that it was almost non-existent.  I asked her to recall the painful headache that she had just a few nights before when she wasn’t able to move from so much pain.  She replied that it just didn’t feel the same any longer.

Certainly there can be numerous physical conditions and causes of headaches.  But it is also important to realize that energy causes of headaches do exist.  By allowing ourselves to uncover these hidden energies we find that we can be free from the pain of frequent headaches, and free from the binding pain of our own past.

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How To Let It Go

All of us have those well-meaning friends that have said this to us at one time, “Just let it go.” And we know that they are right. In most cases, we even know ourselves that’s all it takes to be happy. That’s all it takes to be free!


Now ain’t that the real question? And the, “it” can be just about anything. For some us the, “it” even seems to be Everything! But the answer really comes down to the same thing, We just need to let go.

I know, I know… easy for me to say, right? I’m not sitting in your chair and having gone through the same experiences that you have. I’m not the one being tormented by your past, your present circumstances or your fears of what could happen in the future. But all of that, all of those fears are part of Your “It”.

So the secret of how to let it go really comes down to a very simple question. Are you Willing to let IT go? Are you willing to Allow your Self to let IT go?

What is IT?

This is really a key question. The reason that it is so important is that many people never take the time to think about what IT is. And as a result, they live in the energy of the perceived-fear of what could happen IF they were to let it go.

What is your IT that you are afraid to let go?

For many of us, finding that core fear is the hardest part. Your It may be letting go of an old relationship that no longer serves you. But if you were to get fully honest with yourself, is it the Person that you are afraid to let go? Or, could it be that you are afraid to face the fear that, “No one will ever love me again.

And for some of us, it’s even the deeper fear that strikes cold terror in our bones. It’s facing the Belief that, “I am unlovable.”

It becomes an almost impossible task to even ask ourselves these deeper questions. And so we find ourselves stuck on the surface level of holding onto the person, rather than face the deeper fear.

I’ve found that when people are willing to face these deeper fears the results can be amazing and liberating beyond belief. By just being willing to confront these fears it begins to release the energy that we hold stuck deep within our being.

Self Healing vs Working with Someone

If you’re needing to let go of something from your past it’s time to start doing some real inner-work. I invite you to look at this as a process. It may not happen in just one sitting. It may take some time to just find what those deeper fears really are.

There are many ways to get started, and if you’ve read this far you’ve probably have already been starting. Try sitting quietly by yourself and just asking the question, What is it that I’m really afraid to let go?

The answer may come as a feeling rather than words. It may come as a picture that keeps appearing in your head. Follow that feeling or picture to then see where that leads. Answers are sure to up.

Sometimes we find that we need or want help with the process. That’s when it serves you to look for someone that can help guide and support you in finding the underlying energies, and then help to release them.

I love working with people in finding their way to freedom. I hope that we can work together to help you let it go, whatever it may be.

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